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Top 5 expat health insurance companies in Europe

Swiss Insurance Partners offers Health and Medical Insurance to Expats around the world.

Around the world, dozens of expat health insurance companies are trying to win over the trust of newly relocated individuals and families. On average, each insurance company offers between 3-6 different products to select from. Because of that international health insurance industry often appears to be a tangled, confusing, and intransparent place for expats looking to locate the best health insurance policy for themselves. On paper, the offering from almost all insurance companies looks promising and attractive, and on the phone, the sales team convinces people about their outstanding and seamless service. But experience shows that in practice, the service often largely differs from the initial promises. This is why it is always recommended to speak to an advisor in the field who has sufficient practical experience and knows which contracts include hidden traps. For more than 20 years, Swiss Insurance Partners is supporting expats, global citizens, and frequent travellers to adequately protect their health. It would be our pleasure to also assist you. To share some insights into two decades of experience, we have generated this list of the top 5 insurance companies for expats in Europe.

Swiss Insurance Partners services its client always for a lifetime after having found the right insurance solutions. Our experienced experts are happy to consult you and assist whenever you experience any hick-ups with your insurance policy. 

Please note that the below list is not in a ranked order according to quality or experience of the insurance companies.

Cigna Global Health

As one of the largest health insurance companies around the world, Cigna has attractive solutions for nearly everyone’s situation. Their modular insurance structure allows you to individually select, which insurance coverage module you would like to obtain, and what you would like to exclude. You may choose between worldwide (excluding US) coverage or worldwide (including US) coverage. It is important to note that including elective treatments in the US is a costly affair and can double the annual insurance premium. 

Swiss Insurance Partners has an exclusive direct line to Cigna for faster and better service for all of its clients. We can therefore secure privileged service for you if you are already a client of Cigna, or if you are interested in becoming an insured member at Cigna. 

Now Health International

As a rather new insurance company in the European market, Now Health is one of the best international health insurance providers in Europe with very interesting prices and products. While they have unique solutions for any expats in Dubai, combining the locally required DHA coverage with international top-up coverage in one solution, Now Health has also rapidly grown in the European market. 

While their WorldCare insurance plan options are equivalent to the offerings of Cigna, Now Health has a second product line. The SimpleCare insurance plans offer more affordable health insurance options. When restricting the area of coverage to Europe only and reducing outpatient benefits, large savings can be achieved. This is particularly interesting for people with a smaller budget. All hospitalization costs are covered, which means that you have equally good financial protection for potentially huge hospitalization bills. 

Bupa Global

In the early days, the company was also known under the brand IHI. Bupa is the pioneer of international private medical insurance. Being the first company who has commercialized the concept of health insurance for global citizens and expats, they remain to be one of the top players in the industry. Their unparalleled service quality goes beyond any service promises from other insurance providers. However, it comes with a price that is above the market average. 

The insurance policies at Bupa always provide worldwide coverage, which includes elective treatments in the US. Their insurance plans are very complete and rich in benefits by nature and offer little flexibility to add or remove parts of the coverage. 

April International

In Europe, April International has its operating companies in the UK and in Paris. Being a leader in the individual and group international health insurance sector, the company definitely belongs among the top 5 expat health insurance providers. Depending on the product, the insurance policy may be worldwide, worldwide excluding the US, or only applies to your country of expatriation – which offers further cost savings. 

For world travelers and students, April has developed specialized solutions that are among the best across Europe. Travelers without a permanent address during their adventures can register without long-term expatriation residence and purchase a policy with a duration between 1 month and 12 months. The policy even includes some travel insurance benefits to compensate you for a missed flight, loss of baggage, or similar travel-related risks. 


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