8 reasons to have a Global Health Insurance whilst living in Asia

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Living in Asia is many Expat’s dream, the different culture, language, scenery, and cuisine all make for a compelling reason to up sticks and move to one of the many countries on this continent. There are many relocation companies who look after your every move from finding you a house, a new school for your children, set up job interviews, or maybe even a new car. What is key in every move to Asia is that the family are adequately covered with an International Health Insurance, here are some of the reasons why opting for a good International Health Insurance is the right thing to do.

Necessity & Legal Obligation for expat health insurance

Having an International Health Insurance as an expat is not a luxury, but a necessity. In many countries in Asia, Expats are simply not covered by the local health Insurance or health system. In other cases, the local health system is not adequate, and an International Health Insurance is vital to ensure one receives the correct treatment within a specific time frame. Last of all, in some countries within Asia, having an International Health Insurance as an Expat is a necessity by law.

Security & Peace of Mind

When moving to a new destination, one leaves behind the comforts of home, the familiar surroundings and local knowledge and contacts. The friendly family doctor, dentist, or local nurse, that made you feel so comfortable at a time of illness.

It can be a stressful experience to go through an unexpected illness in a foreign country, where you are far from loved ones, do not know the language, culture, social security system or whereabouts.

An International Health Insurance can ensure peace of mind and security for any expat moving to a new country. The thought of having an immediate assurance that loved ones will be treated international and qualified doctors and specialists can be a main decisive factor for making the relocation move or not.

High Quality Health Care

As an expat living in a foreign country, one does not know much about the social systems in place if they get ill, the level of care, the quality of the hospitals, treatments. Having an International Health Insurance offers a sense of trust that one would get a good level of care.

Why? Because with the right expat health insurance, you will have access to a network of doctors and hospitals that have been checked and approved for their quality and suitability for expats. Through this online tool, you will be able to check which medical facilities close by your location are specifically recommended by the insurance company and if there are direct payment agreements in place so that you do not have to pay the medical bill upfront. The invoice will be comfortably settled directly between the hospital and your insurance company in such a case.

Global Flexibility during Travelling and for Further Relocation

Having a good International Health Insurance offers the bearer an unbound flexibility in terms of care. An International Health Insurance can offer a wider network of doctors and hospitals and can be beneficial for the bearer if they are a world traveller. International health insurance offers worldwide coverage (mostly excluding the US) and you can therefore seamlessly travel between countries and yet have peace of mind. Also, upon your next relocation, your international health insurance can be seamlessly continued without having to fill in any medical questionnaire, and thus, risking exclusions for health conditions that have developed in the meantime.

“Health is Wealth”.

“The first Health is Wealth” – When American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote this quote in 1860, he wished to remind us that good health is the foundation on which to build – a happy life, community, and economy.

If you are healthy you can life a good life, buy what you wish and create memories with family and friends. A good International Health Insurance will ensure that as an expat in a foreign country you will be able to continue to make memories with family and friends. Safe in the knowledge that should something happen, you and your loved ones are treated with immediate care and by international and qualified doctors and specialists, through an excellent network of hospitals and clinics.

Local Health Insurance vs International Health Insurance

An International Health Insurance is more adequate for an expat lifestyle, local insurance may be limited by area of cover, network of doctors and specialists. An International Health Insurance offers a wider network of hospitals and clinics and drastically reduces waiting times to see the required doctors or specialist to receive the needed treatment. You might also want to go back to your home country in case more severe treatment is required. An expat health insurance will fully cover these costs also in your country of origin.

This including being covered in your home country, in which the local doctor has all relevant medical records and knowledge of the client’s medical history.

Language Barrier

As an expat living in a country where you may not know the local language, being treated by a doctor who speaks your language can be a blessing in disguise. Having an International Health Insurance allows you to benefit from a choice of hospitals and international medical centres whereby one may be treated by an international team of doctors whilst at the same time keeping your expenses in-check.

International Health Insurance companies offer 24/7 multi-language assistance. Whether this might be in an emergency, or for a planned doctor visit. You will be able to speak to someone who is fluent in your language.

Get Treated Faster

Having an International Health Insurance not only gives you access to a vast network of hospitals and doctors, but also ensures that you are seen faster. Many countries have good free healthcare. However, because of this, they are heavily subscribed and thus creating long waiting lists to see consultants and specialists. Having the right International health insurance often allows you to jump that queue.

Because you are privately insured, hospitals and doctors know for sure that they will receive their money from the insurance company timely and without a significant effort. People are often not aware that doctors and hospitals can also apply another (higher) price rate for their service. You will therefore be a priority client for them. At the same time, you do not have to worry about costs since your insurance will pay these.

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