6 very good reasons to move to Sardinia

If you visited Sardinia during the holidays are are considering making it your home, you are not alone. More and more expats are choosing this stunning island as their new home. So why move to Sardinia?

Sardinia still remains one of Europe’s best kept secrets for expats relocation. Whether you are a young professional, a family with kids or a pensioner, look no further, Sardinia has it all! 

Italy’s Best Beaches

Sardinia is world renown for its crystal clear waters. With 1,800 km of stunning coastline it doesn’t get much better than this. You can choose from sandy or rocky beaches, cliffs and pinetree shaded coves. A quick peek on Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor or other popular review sites and you’ll be on the next plane here!

Great Year-Round Weather

With an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day, you will likely be spending a lot of time outdoors. Because of the weather conditions, Sardinia is an ideal destination for sports activities all year around. From sailing to kite surfing, from golfing to horse riding, our charming countryside makes a great alternative to the beach.

10% Income Tax and 7% Flat Tax for Retirees

The Italian government offers considerable financial benefits to new residents willing to relocate to Sardinia. A 10% income tax is applied to all new residents who commit to a minimum 2 years stay. While pensioners moving to a village with less than 20,000 people – you would have plenty to choose from in Sardinia.

3 International Airports

Sardinia is located at the center of the Mediterranean, meaning it’s only a few hours flight from most European capitals. Our three international airports (in Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia) provide access to mainland Europe and the World, making the decision to move to Sardinia defenitely a more convienient one.

Cagliari, Italy’s 9th best city to live in

Sardinia’s main city, Cagliari, has been awarded the 9th spot as the best city to live in Italy in terms of life quality by the Sole24Ore, our most prominent financial newspaper. Located in the South of the island, surrounded by water, Cagliari offers a bustling nightlife, international schools for kids and the most top-notch services and entertainment opportunities in the region.

Plenty of things to do

Sardinia is a fun and eclectic destination. Its culinary culture and award-winning vineyards are a dream for foodies and wine enthusiasts. Culture lovers also have plenty of options with international festivals of all kinds, ranging from music to photography and theater. Being an island, many of its unique traditions have remained intact through the centuries and are revived today in traditional celebrations. In addition, 10,000+ historical sites and landmarks dating back to the Nuragic Era are disseminated throughout the island.

Join the Sardiamo Community

As a family of native Sardinians who moved abroad multiple times, we have come together to create Sardiamo, the only relocation services company in Sardinia.

The strong tax incentives, paired with Sardinia’s unparalleled beauty, stellar quality of life and strategic position within the EU, make the island the perfect place to relocate. 

Can you see yourself living Italian lifestyle on our picture-perfect island? If so, reach out to learn how Sardiamo can help you successfully relocate here!

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