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10 Reasons Students Should Go On Erasmus In Germany – Study In Germany

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Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is a vibrant country known for its history, art, culture, landscape, nightlife, and much more. It is one of the most sought-after EU-destinations for expats and exchange students. As an Erasmus student, life in Germany can be an exciting adventure and can pave the way for excellent future possibilities. But it can also introduce you to certain challenges, especially if you land there unprepared. Here’s our ultimate guide to Erasmus in Germany to help you out.

In this article, you will find 10 reasons why students should go on Erasmus in Germany.

Why You Should Opt For Erasmus In Germany 

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Studying in Germany is a dream for a large number of Erasmus students. Even if you are from a non-European country, you can continue your studies in Germany through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme for non-EU students. Several reasons make Erasmus in Germany an attractive proposition, such as:

Wide Choice Of Higher Education Institutions

Students who go on erasmus in Germany have many advantages.

Germany has a remarkable system of higher education that includes many prestigious universities. Most German universities offering higher education do not charge fees from students. You can also enjoy other benefits, such as free access to media labs, libraries, sports courses, etc. 

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Better Opportunities To Secure A Job

By studying in Germany, you can increase your chance to secure a job and settle down there since you become familiar with the culture, local language, and other aspects of German life. Also, the unemployment rate is very low in Germany. Go on erasmus in Germany means you have a high possibility to secure your dream job and lead a comfortable life. 

Low Cost Of Living

Germany being a strong economy in Europe, salaries are on the higher side of average here. Surprisingly, the cost of living is low in this country. You can easily rent a single room in a shared flat that also includes utilities, at a reasonable rate. Germany also offers a wide variety of food at extremely low rates. On average, students spend about 750 to 850 euros as living costs per month in Germany. 

Vibrant Party Life

When you go on Erasmus in Germany, you can experience the vibrant way of life there. Dotted with nightclubs, pubs, and open-air events, the cultural milieu in Germany offers an amazing range of activities and options to keep you happily engaged on weekends. 

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Germans Speak In English

Students opting for the Erasmus program in Europe are often worried about the language barrier they may face once they embark on their Erasmus year abroad. But you can take it easy in Germany as a large number of people can speak English fluently there. This can be a big help when you are on your own in a new country and trying to adapt to the ways of life there. 

What You Should Do Before Your Arrival In Germany

As an Erasmus Germany scholarship holder, one of the first things that you need to do is to put your finances in place before you relocate. It is important to make sure that you have a new mobile contract and a bank account to stay connected and cash-ready once you arrive in Germany.

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You can subscribe for free on Ocyan. Get a financial relocating service and resolve all such hassles right from the comfort of your home. Choose the services you need and apply for tailored insurance, mobile contract, and bank account with just one click.

Most Popular Events For Erasmus Students In Germany 

Oktoberfest erasmus blog

Events and festivals are a great way to enjoy your Erasmus in Germany. You can expect to take part in some of the most amazing fests and experience the fun-loving side of German culture. Be it summer, autumn, winter, or spring, there are always several festivals and events for you to immerse yourself in. Some of the most popular events in Germany for Erasmus students include the following: 

Oktoberfest, Munich: The most iconic folk festival and beer swill in the world, it is a medley of parades, live bands, food, and beer.

When: Mid-September to Early October

Tickets: Free Entry

Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg: The largest club festival in Europe, this music festival includes more than 350 live concerts, art exhibitions, and movie screenings.

When: September 

Tickets: Buy Online

Karneval, Cologne: One of the biggest street festivals in Germany, where everyone dresses up in fancy costumes and takes part in colourful parades.

When: February 

Tickets: Buy Online

Berlinale Film Festival, Berlin: Counted amongst the largest international film festivals in the world, this festival showcases over 400 films belonging to various genres.

When: Mid-February 

Tickets: Buy Online

Wurstmarkt, Bad Dürkheim: A grand festival to enjoy German sausages and indulge in excellent local wine from the biggest barrel on earth.

When: 2nd & 3rd weekend of September

Tickets: Free Entry 

Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt: The largest and the oldest book fair in the world that witnesses the biggest congregation of sellers and book lovers.

When: October

Tickets: Buy Online

Discounts For Erasmus Students 

While studying in Germany as an Erasmus student, you can take advantage of the semester tickets offered by your university. These tickets allow you free access to regional and local transport, including train, bus, or the U-Bahn. Another perk is that you get discounts on entry tickets for tourist landmarks, museum tickets, coffee shops, cinemas, etc.

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Nightlife In Germany

The vivacious nightlife of Germany is among its most attractive aspects. Germany boasts of countless cocktail bars, nightclubs, techno-playing clubs, restaurants, cafes, theatres, and live music spots that cater to all kinds of night owls. So, whether you are a music lover, party animal, or bar drinker, you can always find something exciting to do in Germany once the sun bids adieu for the day. 

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Can Erasmus Students Work In Germany?

As an Erasmus student, you can work up to 20 hours per week and earn an income. You won’t even need a work permit for that. But if you exceed this threshold, you will have to pay tax to the German government. But if you get an internship at your university, you will be able to exceed this time limit without any worries about paying tax. However, you will have to notify the concerned authorities about this. 

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