Leon Terblanche

Corporate Governance Consultant: Negotiation, Mediation, Legal Services, Compliance Officer, Trusts and Deceased Estates, Mediation and Legal Services at TRADE and LEGAL UK ,TRADE and LEGAL SA (Pty) Ltd and CONSENSUS DISPUTE RESOLUTION (Pty) Ltd

I bring vast experience in Company Formations and Registrations, Business Management, Credit Negotiations, Company Compliance, Contract Negotiations, Mediated Settlements in civil matters, and general alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Currently, I am writing my Master of Laws thesis on International Corporate Governance.

I am an accredited member in good standing of ADR NETWORK SA as well as the INTERNATIONAL ADR REGISTER and serve as a member of the COMPLIANCE INSTITUTE OF SOUTHERN AFRICA (CISA)

Services offered to English speaking expats:

1. UK Company Formations

Do you want to Register a UK Company as a South African or any other Non UK-Resident?

  • Register your new UK company from anywhere in the world
  • We do all the paperwork for you and send official documents
  • You keep full control of your new UK limited company
  • Fast and affordable service for non-UK residents

Question: How Can You Make Money through your UK Limited Company without a Work Visa?


  1. Freelancers and Contractors; In many countries it is not possible to issue invoices as a freelancer if you don’t have your own company. So, the easiest solution is to start a company with access to the international market and payments.
  2. Digital Nomads; This is a fast-growing UK market and Trade & Legal UK fit in perfectly with the digital nomad lifestyle. Your company and business can be started fully online and is not fixed to any location and is manageable online.
  3. Buying & selling goods, Amazon, Etsy and others; Your company will be the perfect platform to deal with the buying and selling of physical goods. You will be able to open a bank account to receive and make payments from your website.
  4. Start-ups; The UK is Europe’s top hub for start-ups and the market is growing each year. Great Britain attracts billions in investment from the EU, USA and China. It is definitely the number 1 country to implement your unique business ideas.

2. Company and Trust Maintenance (South Africa)

Do you live in Portugal but are still a director of a South African (Pty) Ltd Company or are you still a member of a Close Corporation (CC) or a Trustee of a South African Trust?

I can assist you with the following:

  • Resignation/Appointment of Directors, Members or Trustees
  • De-registration of (Pty) Ltds, Close Corporations (CC) or Trusts
  • Registration of new South African Companies including Name Reservation
  • Sale of Shares Agreements, Membership Agreements, Share Registers and issue of Shares
  • Submission of CIPC Annual Returns and Financial Accountability Supplements (compulsory) NB
  • Conversion of Close Corporation (CC) to Private Company (Pty) Ltd
  • Re-instatement of de-registered Companies or Close Corporations
  • I also hold a post-graduate diploma in South African Deceased Estates, Wills and Trust Law (UNISA) and can advise on South African testamentary and Trust matters.


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