Leon Terblanche (LL.M International Law)

Negotiation, Mediation, Legal Services, Risk Management, Will Writing, Contract Drafting at TRADE and LEGAL UK, TRADE and LEGAL SA (Pty) Ltd and CONSENSUS DISPUTE RESOLUTION (Pty) Ltd

Experienced in Company Formations and Registrations, Business Management, Credit Negotiations, Company Compliance, Contract Negotiations, Mediated Settlements in civil matters, and general alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

An accredited member in good standing of ADR NETWORK SA as well as the INTERNATIONAL ADR REGISTER and serve as a member of the COMPLIANCE INSTITUTE OF SOUTHERN AFRICA (CISA)


Trade and Legal Ltd is a Consulting Law firm rendering non-reserved legal services in terms of the Legal Services Act 2007

These legal services include, but are not limited to:

Business Law

  • Company Formation Services: Assisting with the establishment of new companies, partnerships, or limited liability entities.
  • Drafting Contracts: Creating legally binding agreements between parties, such as business contracts, rental agreements, and employment contracts.
  • Legal Advice: Providing general legal information and guidance to individuals or businesses without representing them in court.
  • Business License Application Assistance: Helping entrepreneurs and businesses with the application process for various licenses and permits.
  • Company Compliance Services: Assisting companies to stay compliant with the regulations pertaining to Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management: Guiding businesses and companies to create effective risk management assessments

Testamentary Law

  • Will Writing: Drafting wills for individuals to outline the distribution of their assets after death.
  • Power of Attorney: Provide the drafting and preparation of Lasting Power of Attorney documents, and the preparation and submission of Applications for their registration.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation Services: Assisting in the resolution of disputes through negotiation and mediation, helping parties reach mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Dispute Resolution: Facilitating the resolution of conflicts and disputes through non-legal means, such as negotiation, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

General Law

  • Consumer Rights Assistance: Helping consumers understand their legal rights in matters like product warranties, refunds, and consumer protection laws.
  • Legal Document Review: Reviewing legal documents for errors, omissions, and compliance with legal requirements
  • Legal Research: Conducting legal research and providing information on legal precedents, statutes, and case law

Services offered to South African Expats

So you’ve sold up in South Africa and moved your family, pets, and ambitions to Portugal, Spain, Italy, or the UK. You have settled in your new home and the world is your oyster…however, reality dictates that there is no such thing as a “clean break with no loose ends”.

  • You may be a director of a small South African company
  • You may be a non-executive director of a charity
  • You may be a member of a long-forgotten Close Corporation or CC
  • You may own a property in South Africa registered in the name of a CC or (Pty) Ltd
  • You may have a business bank account/investment/loan in the name of a CC or (Pty) Ltd
  • You may be a trustee of a family trust or business trust
  • You may even be an executor of a deceased estate still under administration

All of the above need attention and maintenance and will not disappear just because you are living in a foreign country. 

I can assist you with the following:

  • Resignation/Appointment of Directors, Members or Trustees
  • De-registration of (Pty) Ltds, Close Corporations (CC) or Trusts
  • Comply with new Beneficial Ownership Registration
  • Registration of new South African Companies including Name Reservation
  • Sale of Shares Agreements, Membership Agreements, Share Registers, and issue of Shares
  • Submission of CIPC Annual Returns and Financial Accountability Supplements (compulsory) NB
  • Conversion of Close Corporation (CC) to Private Company (Pty) Ltd
  • Re-instatement of de-registered Companies or Close Corporations

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