A programmer is like a wizard. Someone like Gandalf, who can make extraordinary things happen and has spent a lifetime learning and refining his powers. More and more objects are driven by technology or have computers inside them in the world around us. Not just laptops and mobiles, but also cars, rockets, smartwatches, refrigerators, and even toasters.

And these objects all run the software.

That’s why the ability to write code is like magic — it gives you the power to make things move, to provide them with life. Even the most sophisticated robot is just a hunk of wires, silicon, metal, and plastic until you write some code.

Learning and understanding computer programming gives you tremendous powers —make things fly, interact with people, entertain, and so much more. As computing technology evolves, these powers will only grow.

Don’t you want to be a wizard too?

Coding gives magical powers, and we would love to teach you coding.

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The approach is similar!


Both magic and coding require structural thinking and a specific way of going through the steps.


In both magic and coding, presentation defines the user experience. While magic uses visuals, props and commentary, coding uses design thinking principles for show the output in the best way.

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