FIDEA is a company highly specialized in financial advice on mortgages, personal loans and salary backed loans. Our twenty years of experience in the sector has allowed us to acquire high skills in the management of critical issues related to the setting up of financing transactions. Over the years we have activated important collaborative relationships with the major Italian credit institutions.

Our skills and in-depth knowledge of bank valuation criteria allow us to give answers very quickly about the feasibility of a mortgage transaction, also thanks to the possibility of accessing the banking system directly from our offices. Our task is to analyze the practice and identify the best solution available to the customer.

In this long and delicate process we are able to offer high professional standards, in-depth language skills for foreign clients and the support of a legal department.

Every professional relationship is based on a serious relationship of trust, which is why we put our experience and our expertise at the service of our customers. Our compensation is due only in the event of a positive outcome of the requested operation.



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