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Your 5-week head start for a new life abroad.

Making relocating simple, efficient and fun for everyone involved.

Who is Doris?

Relocation Coach Doris is originally from the beautiful Dolomites in Northern Italy. In the past 30 years she has travelled to over 80 countries and has relocated 19 times internationally – 7 out of which with her three children. She speaks four languages fluently and has 15 years experience in talent management where her focus was to recognise strengths and skills for maximum output.

What is relocation coaching?

Relocation coaching is a form of life coaching that aims to help individuals and families who are planning to move to a new country or region. It is designed to provide personalised guidance and support during the preparation and transition process, helping individuals and families to get clear on their ‘why’, to prepare for a new environment and to design & create a successful new life for themselves.

The ‘Design your new life abroad‘ coaching package gives you the tools, knowledge and confidence to holistically prepare for this important new chapter in your life. In only 5 weeks Doris will take you step by step and hand in hand into your power and support you in drafting your authentic new life in a new place – on your own, together with your partner or with your family.

Who is this for?

‘Design your new life abroad’ is perfect for you if

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This programme helps you to…

  • uncover and unlock your true potential and maximise it
  • create a ‘restart from zero’ mindset plan
  • go deeper and prepare yourself for a transformational experience through the right questions, tools and exercises
  • listen to yourself and dream big
  • finally put your dreams into reality and create your new life

It supports you to...

  • break the ‘overwhelming’ into small chunks of ‘achievable’ through a proven step-by-step guide
  • overcome your ‘excuses shield’
  • get clear and aligned on how you want to experience this new chapter in the new country
  • find the courage to take your life into your own hands and cross the invisible bridge into a happier life
  • find gratification and sense of achievement for being in control of the entire journey

What happens in our coaching sessions?

In our 60 min online sessions you are guided through the overwhelming part of designing and preparing for your relocation through a holistic approach. Together we’ll take a step back, learn from past experiences and identify what really matters. You are challenged beyond your comfort zone while gaining confidence, you are guided in visualising your new life and you are supported in making it a reality. With the help of W- questions and a step-by-step guide – which I put together over the 30 years of exploring the globe through numerous relocations – we’ll then work on both practical and mindset aspects to plan your upcoming journey with a focus on maximising your experience.

Unlike a relocation agent a relocation coach does not offer support around logistics such as removal etc but guides you on a holistic level with focus on your overall wellbeing.

A relocation coach gives you the tools, structure, knowledge, confidence, support and guidance to design your very own journey aligned with your individual interests and needs in this very moment of your life.

Travel Coaching

In addition to my Relocation Coaching service I also offer Travel Coaching for the bold wanting to explore the world on their own terms and travel deeper.

What is a travel coach?

Just like a fitness, relocation or business coach my job as a travel coach is to help you to get clear on your why for your upcoming dream travels, to work on options on how to tackle any challenges and, finally, to prepare an action plan for a deeper travel experience, whether a sabbatical, a 3-month or a 3-week trip abroad.

So what is this about?

This isn’t about me planning your travels or booking your flights and accommodation. There are millions of fantastic travel agents out there who are really good at that.

This is about guiding you to identify your goals, strengths and passions, and to understand, embrace and overcome limiting beliefs and any potential fears and drawbacks around traveling independently.

It’s about helping you plan your DIY journey, about uncovering and unlocking your true potential and maximising it. This is about creating a plan with milestones, a timeline and a clear budget. About preparing yourself for a transformational trip of a lifetime through the right questions, tools and exercises. It’s about listening to yourself and dreaming big. This is about finally putting your dreams into reality.

Who is travel coaching for?

  • solo travellers, couples, groups of friends, families with children or teens
  • new starters committed to be taken from zero to the trip of a lifetime
  • experienced travellers wanting to take traveling to the next level
  • the bold and authentic wanting to take their travels into their own hands
  • couples ready to spread their wings again as their kids leave the nest

The journey is the reward.

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For a full experience I wholeheartedly recommend the 5 sessions to be able to draw the most and get fully prepared both practically as well as mentally.

Yes, I invite everyone to first have a free 20min discovery call with me to get clear on expectations and to make sure we ‘click’

I mostly work with my global clients in online sessions, mostly on Meet, Zoom or Whatsapp video. I continuously commute between Lugano (Switzerland), Castelrotto (Italy) and Malaga (Spain) and happy to offer my service face to face to clients locally.

My coaching sessions are mostly held in English. However, given I am bilingual Italian and German I am also catering to Italian and German speakers as well as Spanish (with an Andalusian accent 😉

I cater to individuals, couples, families and groups of friends. My rates are the same whether it’s just you or your whole family attending.


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