Struggling to reach fluency in Italian?

We are running a live 5-day mini-course –  Italian Bootcamp, and you are welcome to join for FREE and accelerate your Italian journey!

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Perfect for you if you are:

✅ A complete beginner

✅ A self-taught elementary or intermediate learner 

✅ An English speaker who wants to achieve their “Italian” goals while avoiding waste of time and frustration

Italian Bootcamp, an online interactive  5-day workshop, is designed with the 3D method. 

It is a unique learning experience that will help you transform or shape your learning process and reach Italian fluency without wasting time and getting frustrated.

A life-changing 🇮🇹 Italian learning experience?

In our 3D Italian Bootcamp, you will find everything you need to reach your Italian goals by 2024!

The Bootcamp will help you to:

💠 Avoid the most common mistakes Italian learners make. 

🌻 Keep motivation and passion for Italy alive.

🏆 Approach Italian grammar and vocabulary holistically.

🎨 Use emotion and imagination.

🧰 Acquire learning tools and techniques.

☕ Become part of a community of Italian language enthusiasts.

And it’s absolutely FREE.

Are you in?

🪑  Free seats are limited! 

👉 Get your free ticket here

👉 Get your free ticket here

7-week Italian Incubator: start at the beginning

Our unique online programs, designed with the 3D method are for you if you are an English speaker and your goal is:

🔰 To live in Italy.
🔰 To reconnect to your Italian roots and rediscover your heritage.
🔰 To feel at home when you live or travel in Italy. 

Italian Incubator, our most talked-about program, is the perfect first step towards that linguistic and cultural transformation that will allow you to feel at home when you are in Italy.

In this 7-week course, you will find everything you need to build your Italian fluency from the ground up, with a mix of guided self-paced and live tutoring, conversation practice and a supportive international community.

What’s in the Incubator?

7️⃣ weeks of on-demand lessons designed with the 3D method
🧙‍♀️ Real life stories of famous Italians and Italy’s most beloved expats.
☕ Weekly conversation practice (Pausa caffè)
🩺 Live Grammar Clinics – weekly Q&A sessions
✍ Weekly assignments with personal feedback
👩‍🏫  Instructor’s feedback and support
🌐 Supportive international community
💠 Flexibility, accountability & support on the way to your “Italian” goals

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You are in good hands.

Ciao, I’m Tania Troyan.

I am the founder of 7-week Italian, our online Italian language school,  and the creator of the 3D method.

I’m on a mission to transform the way people learn Italian, through a holistic methodology and a three-dimensional learning experience.

Having spent my whole life learning languages (I am fully proficient in 4) and exploring the ways the adult brain interacts with a new language, I have developed a holistic methodology that today allows my Italian language students to go through a truly transformative experience on their way to Italian fluency.

I have created several Italian language programs using the principles of the 3D method and the amazing results of my students make me truly proud.

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