10 things to know before visiting Italy

April 7, 2021

Italy is a very well-know and loved holiday destination, however there are a couple things that I wish I knew before visiting or moving to Italy. I think you should too.. They will save time, money and help you enjoy more your stay!

1. Italy & Italian food are more than pizza & pasta

Here are just some examples of the delicious Italian food in the different regions that I didn’t know before visiting Italy for the first time 

Milan is famous for Risotto alla Milanese 

Rome – Cacio e pepe 

Bologna – Ragu alla bolognese 

Sicily – Cannoli 

2. Consider taking the train instead of renting a car
nstead of renting a car in Italy but it is really important to know that you should ALWAYS Validate your ticket! 

If you decide to take the train, you check prices here but it’s important to know that railway system in Italy is more developed in the North than in the South of Italy 

3. If you’re not in a big city, shops and restaurants will be closed in the afternoon in between meals  in Italy 

Also, it’s very important to know that many times the restaurants that remain open are usually a tourist trap! 

4. You can’t just wave at a taxi and expect it to stop, go to a stand – Before visiting Italy try to understand where will be your hotel which is the closest taxi stand for you 

5. Learn a couple of Italian words before going to Italy
 Learning a couple of important words before visiting Italy will take you a long way.

6. Always have cash with you
 You might be surprised but many times, you can’t pay less than 5 euros by card.

Before visiting Italy exchange some money so you make sure you have some cash with you when you arrive in Italy. These small but important things will save you lots of headaches 

7. Dress well but don’t overdo it 

Milan is one of the fashion capitals but that doesn’t mean that everyone looks like going on a cat-walk all the time. But also, walking around big cities with your flip-flops might make you more uncomfortable than you think because everyone will be staring at you!
It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re packing your suitcase before visiting Italy 

8. Try to avoid restaurant with photo of the dishes exposed outside

This is especially true in big tourist destinations like Rome, Florence or Venice. Usually their food is “ for tourists” and restaurants where they have photos in the menu  These things are important and especially true for big tourist spots like Rome, Milan and Venice which are floated of tourists 

9. Be ready to pay for a “coperto” 

It’s one of these small things that it’s important to know before visiting Italy so you don’t end up funny situations like I did. A “coperto” is a service fee that you pay at a restaurant. It varies from 2-5 euros, but once you pay it you also get some free things like bread or sometimes tap water!

10. Relax & be patient, things will slow down or go wrong 

Take a gelato and enjoy your Dolce Vita in Italy!! Don’t let small things ruin your perfect holiday, because trust me.. there will be some unexpected situations you didn’t plan and prepare for.  

These are my top 10 things to keep in mind before visiting or moving to Italy. Find you more on the video here: 

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