Headquartered in the foothills of Boulder Colorado, Windhorse Life Settlements is an exciting player in the life settlement space, whose mission is to provide education and guidance to the over-65 generation on how a life settlement can help them avoid costly policy lapses, bolster their retirement savings, fund costly alternative medical treatments not covered by traditional insurances, or to fund your expatriate endeavors and establish your financial independence in other countries. By leveraging their connections with the most well-equipped policy buyers in the nation, Windhorse Life Settlements is able to connect consumers who are selling their policies with the most established and equipped names in the industry, ensuring that policy sellers consistently receive the highest offer possible for their settlement, while enjoying the most transparent and stress-free process possible as we guide our clients on every step of the way along the journey. The objective of Windhorse Life Settlements is to provide insight into an often misunderstood and growing industry, and to be advocates for vulnerable members of society by protecting the investments that have been poured into their policies for decades, offering personalized solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients and their loves ones. Windhorse Life Settlements exists to make sure that no one suffers a preventable monetary setback due to not knowing their options, and to relieve the financial suffering of seniors and critically ill people everywhere.


– Viatical Settlements

At Windhorse, we believe that cherishing each moment means everything. We also know that in the face of life’s greatest challenges, cherishing each moment is easier said than done.

Our mission is to end suffering the best way we can—by giving guidance to those who need it most at no cost to them, so that they get back to most easily cherishing their lives.

If you are facing a terminal illness and are the owner of a life insurance policy, a viatical settlement can offer options you may not have believed were possible. Viatical settlements typically payout within two weeks provided we have all of the proper documentation.

A viatical settlement will usually pay about 70% of the face value of the policy. So, if you have a million-dollar life insurance policy, a viatical settlement would provide you with a lump sum payment in the range of $700,000.

Ninety-two percent of life insurance policies held by seniors over the age of 70 lapse resulting in the insurance company keeping all of the equity you’ve built up with your premium payments over the years.

With a life settlement, you can reap the rewards of your investment instead of the insurance company. Whether you are considering alternative treatments for your condition, or you want to completely restructure your life to enjoy these precious moments of living, we are here for you.

Reach out to us today and let us know what’s going on. There is NEVER a cost or an obligation so don’t delay, we sincerely hope to hear from you and to thank you for having us on your journey.

– Life Settlements

A Life Settlement is a financial transaction where the owner of an unwanted Life insurance policy, sells the policy for a lump sum and transfers ownership and beneficiary rights to an institutional investor. The settlement funds belong entirely to the policy seller and can be spent at their discretion. A Life Settlement ensures more money in YOUR hands, providing more than 4x the funds than the cash surrender value of your policy, and avoids a policy lapse, which has the potential to leave you with nothing. Life Settlements can also be in the form of a paid up death benefit.


A life settlement is a transaction in which the owner of an existing life insurance policy sells their policy to a third party, as the funds yielded from a life settlement is greater than the cash surrender value associated with policy lapse. Funds are provided to the previous owner in a lump sum and can be used in anyway they choose. The party that has purchased the policy continues to pay premium payments for the future until the death of the insured, upon which the policy buyer receives the full death benefit.

A life settlement is a smart option in many instances, but particularly in the case of folks who who feel that they no longer want or need their policies, which can be for various reasons. A life settlement is a primary and more favorable alternative to policy lapse and can provide relief from expensive monthly premiums, while providing significantly more funds than the cash surrender value. If you or a loved one can no longer afford the policy premiums, are looking to bolster retirement savings, are experiencing a life threating illness, or for any other reason no longer want or need the policy, a life settlement should be considered.

Windhorse provides those who are considering a life settlement with personalized consultation and guidance on the process, while connecting those individuals with the most trusted and well respected policy buyers in the nation to ensure that you receive the highest offer possible for your policy.

Most people who qualify for a life settlement meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Over the age of 65
  • If not over the age of 65, the insured posses a significant health issue.
  • An active policy holder for a minimum two years with a beneficiary payout of at least $100,000.

There are several factors that are taken into account when determining the offer for your policy, some of which include:

  • The insured’s age
  • The insured’s health status
  • The type of policy owned by the insured
  • The face value amount of the policy owned by the insured
  • The policy’s premium costs.

To make these first steps as simple as possible we offer a quick and easy policy valuation calculator [link to calc in that name] that forms an estimate based off of the above criteria. Please note that this estimate is not an offer for your policy, the actual offer to be determined may very well be higher than the estimate given by the calculator.

Unlike life settlements, viatical settlements are intended for life insurance policyholders who are facing life-threatening illnesses, reduced life expectancies, or chronic health issues, so generally the distinction is made based off of the health of the insured. In most instances someone seeking a life settlement is in fairly good health or may have some chronic health issues, but not a life-threatening condition as in the case of a viatical settlement.

A policy lapse occurs when premium payments are missed and the cash value is exhausted, resulting in the policy no longer paying a death benefit for the insured. An estimated 200 billion worth of life insurance value will be surrendered or lapsed each year. Because life settlements can pay out up to 6-8 times the amount of the cash surrender value, individuals facing policy lapse should consider a life settlement as a primary alternative.

No, You can sell a portion of your policy, pay off your premiums, and still maintain important beneficiary benefits for your loved ones.

No, your physicians will be contacted to obtain your most recent medical records. However, it does speed up the application process if you provide copies of your most recent medical records at the time of application.

No, there is no cost to the insured to apply, and no obligation for the insured to accept an offer made for their policy.

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