My name is Teresa, and I am a translator based in Spain. I have been writing and learning new languages for as long as I can remember. Choosing my profession was easy, I always knew that I wanted to be a translator. I work with Spanish, English, French and German.
As a translator, I have worked in agriculture and exports, as well as in sports and martial arts. I also have experience translating in the field of Law and digital transformation.
My last big project? The translation of a novel, a dream come true.
I currently live in Costa Blanca where I constantly meet new people who have moved here looking for a better quality of life. Since living here my work has shifted, now I work to ensure a smooth transition into their new lives in Spain.
Moving to a new country is hard enough, and not speaking the language makes it even more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Moving can also be exciting, especially moving to Spain. I want you to enjoy our wonderful weather, tasty food, beautiful cities and friendly people and not worry about not knowing the language yet. 
Here’s how I can help you:
– Translating and helping you understand any documents you may receive.
– Translating your CV.
– Translating any documents related to house renting or buying.
– Helping you with any school documents.
– Assisting you in any bank related issues by translating and helping you understand the documents.
– I will help you with anything related to Spanish.
Leave Spanish to me, and enjoy your new life.

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