Planning To Move Abroad? Dreaming Of It? You’re At The Right Place

Nice to meet you, we’re Maayan & Gal, co-founders of Smoozitive. 

We’re Life Lovers, Expats, Podcasters, Authors, Course Creators, Game Changers,  Dreamers, and World’s best sisters!

Maayan is a certified mindfulness & Ho’oponopono practitioner, and Gal is a certified positive psychology coach. 

We’re also third culture kids (well now adults), change-adept, 4th generation expats, professional smilers, excellent listeners, cheerful duo (we got our Pompons ready), high-energy and moving abroad experts.

We are a variety of things (guessing you probably are too); But most importantly, we strongly believe that moving and living abroad can be the experience we dream of rather than the one we fear – if approached appropriately. 

We want to help you make this transition as smooth as possible and create a life you actually enjoy living no matter where you are… starting, well, how does now sound to you? 

Ways You Can Work With Us:

If You’re planning your relocation, start by watching our free masterclass
“Emotionally Empowered: Mastering Art of Moving Abroad For Women”.
👉 Click here to get instant access

Our Online Course – Move Abroad With Ease is the perfect way to prepare yourself emotionally to the transition you’re about to experience. We take you hand by hand, making sure you feel good and confident about your decision to move abroad, and that you won’t forget yourself in the process. Making your move abroad a smooth and positive journey. 

Monthly Membership – LaPlace, for women living abroad. One of the things most expat experiences at some point on their journey, is the high desire to have someone to talk to, someone that can truly understand what they are going through, someone that gets them. That’s what this membership is all about. Being the place for women overseas. Each week we are meeting for an online zoom session to talk about life, be there for one another, inspire, empower, and above all have a safe space to share our experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

1:1 coaching – personalized sessions, uniquely designed to walk with you hand-in-hand during your journey abroad. We each have a slightly different process when relocating, different goals, different emotions – using positive psychology and mindfulness we’ll help you navigate the challenges and emotional ups and downs – so that you can enjoy your journey.

You can create a life you actually enjoy living no matter where you are!

So contact us using the form to set up a discovery call and see which of our services best meet your needs.



This is a 5-module self-paced course, you can do in your free time. Our recommendation is to do it week by week so that you reach your relocation date feeling more prepared and less overwhelmed.

Of course! Our membership and coaching sessions are for every woman living abroad no matter how long she is in the new country. As for our course, it can surely be helpful if you recently relocated (usually up to 6 months in the new place).

Our 1:1 coaching sessions are suitable for everyone, so feel free to book a discovery call with.

We are an online-based company, meaning you can access all of our services from everywhere! Whether you’re an experienced expat, planning your relocation or a digital nomad. Our services are in English, but it is suitable even if English is not your native language, as we keep it very simple and friendly.

Nope 😉 Our area of expertise is the emotions and mental side of the relocation. Taking care of the technical parts is essential for your move and life abroad. However, in our experience, if you don’t prepare yourself for this journey and take care of your overall wellbeing – you might find yourself having a harder time. We’re here to make sure this isn’t the case for you.

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