You are ONLY 2 months AWAY FROM
speaking fluently in any foreign language!”

I was born in Czech Republic or more specifically I was born in multilingual Europe.

I have always loved languages and acquired 3 languages (French, Spanish and English) mostly as a self-taught person (from scratch to interpreting important business meetings)

I lived in a lot of different countries in France, in Spain, in California, in Italy, (studied languages also at university, in various language courses) and have seen a lot of different people from all around the world how they struggle with language learning.

And to be honest I have always felt the need to help others on how to learn a language and during all those years I was literally looking for what the secret of successful learning is…. 

I found that the real success in learning depends on a tiny shift in our brain and no app, no textbook, no teacher will be able to help you until you make this tiny shift in your brain.

For years I have been teaching people my methods and finally decided to put my more than 20 years of experience into this workshop that I called “How to finally learn any foreign language”.

This Practical Workshop:

“How to FINALLY LEARN any foreign language”

is a series of 13 videos

where I literally take you by hand and guide you step by step in the process of setting your mind right for future successful learning

You will absorb more than 20 years of my experience on how to learn in an easy, effective and very personal way,  how to save money, time and energy rather than waste it on all kinds of ineffective methods.  

Libor Svoboda
Your Guide to Language Learning Success



“How to FINALLY LEARN any foreign language”

13 sessions focusing on setting your mind for quick, easy and joyful learning keeping you motivated in the long-term run.

I literally take you by hand and guide you step by step in the process of setting your mind right for future successful learning

(not only for chronic beginners, but also for beginners and people with different levels of knowledge)


“How to FINALLY LEARN any foreign language”

3x 45min personal zoom call session

Everybody has some “personal language history” that we have built up in our heads throughout our lives (successes, apparent failures, unpleasant experiences, apparently frustrating moments, methods that didn’t work). They have deeply formative effect on us, we start seeing ourselves through “distorted lenses”

Sometimes even to the point of saying “I have no talent for languages” in “one-to-one coaching” I will help you to identify “your distorted lenses” and put you again on the “right track” of “a little child” who has no “personal language history” and therefore always learns his/her mother tongue with success.


This workshop is for everybody who wants to learn successfully.

Whether you are a chronic beginner and tired of starting again and again with little or no success.

Whether you are just a beginner and wish to learn with ease and enjoy quick real visible results.

Whether you are “really serious” about learning a language under time pressure, searching for an efficient method. 

Together we will set up for you solid mental foundations on which you will be able to immediately start building your language skills.

You will understand how important it is to cooperate with your subconscious and based on methods described in the workshop (working in weekly cycles.. focusing on the core of language, avoiding hidden traps.. etc.) you will be able to make visible WEEKLY progress which will boost your inner confidence exponentially.

You don’t need any special skills or talents because you have an innate talent just like everyone else. As a child you have learned your mother tongue successfully which is the best proof that you are naturally gifted. And now together during the workshop we will “wake up this little child” in you and you will absorb the methods of a little child. Your success will be guaranteed!

If you feel you need more personal support, this is the best choice you can make!

The biggest difference between adult and child’s learning is that the child is hugely cooperating with the subconscious mind and therefore is always successful.

In a 3 x 45 min session we will go through your “personal language history” that has had a massive impact on your subconscious.

For your successful learning you need to “get your subconscious on your side”.

Make your subconscious your greatest ally. 

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