Welcome to, a revolutionary online community that seamlessly blends the rich history and beauty of Greece with modern technology, products, services and much more. Our aim is to create a single portal as a global Hellenic Group with a wide range features, categories, applications and media properties.

Embark on a digital journey with us as we introduce you to a platform designed for citizens, expatriates, tourists, and admirers of this amazing land. Join us and create your profile, unlocking a world of local offers, landscape adventures, sublime flavors, arts, crafts and much more. If you want real time information and an opportunity to better align yourself with many Greek centric data streams, then this is the place for you.

Our unique portal is set to launch in a few months, and we invite you to be part of this exciting experience. The Hellenic population globally is so widely dispersed and passionate and by building this cultural digital community, we bring together a new dynamic and Hellenic experience. So share your journey and embrace the essence of by registering your own handle and thus your passion and presence, will excel in paradise.

We will delve deep into the global Hellenic culture like never before, different to current social trends and thus allowing for your personal journey to begin. This platform will work towards building both a new and progressively advanced Hellenic community hub, with unique features, connectivity, promotions and storylines to match. Our aim is to also embrace Social Media as a network and sharing platform but essentially, we will create a unique Hellenic digital experience.


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