Living in Italy has never been easier.

Feel at home with Framont. Together, we can build a plan to help you achieve your financial goals while living in Italy.

Who we are

Framont & Partners Management is and Italian and Maltese financial advisory and investment management firm. Our founders have over 30 years of financial services experience in Italy.

Our professionals in Italy work with a diverse range of Italian and foreign clients, our core services include financial planning for Italian tax efficiency and discretionary portfolio management.

What we offer

Many expats living in Italy have specific needs that cannot be met either by a local institution or one in their home country. They require specialist advice, delivered in a clear manner, and in their native language.

Our expat services focus on helping our clients invest in a tax efficient manner for their lives in Italy. We have a particular familiarity with financial systems located outside the EU and how they differ from the Italian financial system.

We can help non-EU clients invest in a tax compliant manor to help achieve their financial goals.

Core Services

Portfolio management

Helping expatriates invest their money to ensure they are meeting their financial goals. We tailor a client’s portfolio according to their needs and risk profile.

Immigration services

 We collaborate with immigration experts to help with your transfer to Italy from your home country. Providing services to help make use of the attractive incentives that Italy provides to expatriates and ensuring you receive the financial support necessary as you begin your life in Italy.

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