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I moved to Trieste 1,5 years ago from Finland, where I belong to a Finland-Swedish minority. I have a background in restaurant service and management, 9 years in Gstaad, totally 11 in Switzerland, and later on I worked as a teacher within the same line of business. Today I create recipes of products produced in the Nordic countries for a magazine in Finland.
In Trieste I met Rozmari, who moved to Italy from Croatia about 28 years ago with her family. Both of us are very interested in cooking and creating new dishes, so we came up with the idea to start our recipe blog culinarydrops.
When I cook with Rozmari, I am very fascinated to realize how different we think, especially about pasta dishes. Rozmari is very refined in her cooking and she lets the products speak for themselves, just like in true gastronomic style. We have a lot of fun cooking together while our men enjoy eating our dishes.
Our recipe blog Culinary Drops is a blend of Italian, Nordic and Croatian cuisine, with influences of French cuisine. The excellent Italian ingredients make it easy to cook and eat healthily.
In future blog posts, I will dive into the background and history of some dishes and present seasonal ingredients.

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  1. Helena Kovac
    August 27, 2020

    Cooking is one of the best way to release your stress. Will check it out!

  2. Alessio Rossi
    August 19, 2020

    What an amazing story! I’ll definitely visit your website.

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