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Wendy grew up with nothing to read in her house other than cereal boxes. She is the first in her immediate family to attend college. It took her ten years to graduate, working as house cleaner, vegetarian food co-op organizer, dishwasher, and cafe founder. She edited and wrote features for university, regional and public radio publications, and produced a series of short features for American Public Radio. In 2019 she published, “Where I’m Going With This Poem,” with several poems observing social pressures keeping people divided. In 2012 she wrote a thesis on labor laws earning a masters degree in project management leadership. Wendy likes restoring old houses, and has received National Historic Preservation Act awards for this labour of love. A member of the Poets Against Racism, the Poetry Society of South Carolina, Monday Night Blues and Poetry, the Capella Inconum group, she was featured at the Casa da Boavista, “Tribute to Fernando Pessoa,” and her poems have appeared in the poetry and translation magazine, DiVersos, The Avocet, The Voice of Esmoriz, and Prometheus Dreaming. Her latest book is narrative non-fiction, “Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat.” It will be in bookstores and online beginning in June 2022.




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