Hi there! How are you doing? Hoping you are fine

I am contacting you because I’ve got some information that may be of interest to you, if you are fed up with your present situation or looking for ideas what to do with your future. So what about a challenge that will change your life and probably not only the professional one?

But lets start from the beginning Just two years ago Roberto Gamboa with a group of few people initiated an ambitious program: to create a first in Spain institute for digital marketing and online traffic. Nowadays it is the most prestigious one within all Spanish-speaking countries. My name is Gabriela and I am one of the school’s graduates. I am writing to you because the story is going to repeat, but this time for a British and English-speaking market. We are opening the international branch of the institute and need people who keen to improve their future, to take a part in it.

First of all during up to 6 months we will train you providing the best ever tutorial and technical support, to make the entire online process as smooth as possible. Afterwards you will become a part of our community and work for English-speaking market. Magnificent team, “A” players professionals, the work that can be done wherever and whenever you want to and of course a good salary.

If you are native speaker of English and want to change your future just contact me or click on the link below. But make up your mind asap, because the recruiting ends soon. Within all candidates we will select only 15 the best ones.

We will meet in parallel world…

Gabriela Adamczewska
(you can also find me at Facebook or Instagram as TRAFFICadamus)

native speaker of English
unlimited access to internet

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    LeeAnn Friend


    I am English speaking with a teacher degree

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    Sherry DeMoss


    I am a retired English Language teacher with over 40 years experience working with K-12 students and also college age students.

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