Italmente is an online Italian language school founded by experts in language teaching that dramatically modernizes the way Italian is taught online. 

Join us if you want to:

  • Learn Italian with professional native teachers during live online lessons
  • Join mini groups at a comfortable schedule
  • Book individual lessons with a flexible schedule and a tailored programme
  • Learn autonomously with hundreds of free online Italian quizzes
  • Enjoy our interactive platform for an easy-to-use online experience
  • Receive a Business Italian course focused on your field of work
  • Get a free textbook and attend our online cultural events

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Our online Italian group courses run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 8.40pm CET (Italian time), for a total of 4 academic hours per week.

Our group lessons are fun and interesting, and thanks to the cooperative atmosphere of the virtual classroom, not only will you learn Italian from your teacher, but also from your peers. 

Groups are open to all levels from A1 to B2. After an initial assessment of your level, you will be assigned to the right group for you, and you will be ready to begin! We have specific starting dates for complete beginners, which you can check at the link below.

You will also get access to a forum-like social area on our platform, where you’ll be able to exchange messages and files with your teacher and the other students.

We can also organize closed group courses for you to study with your friends or colleagues, if you wish to learn together with a flexible schedule and a tailored programme, that can be focused, for instance, on your professional needs.

Don’t forget to request a free trial lesson to get a taste of our methods!

👉 Group courses


Online Individual Italian lessons are the perfect option if you need a personalised Italian course tailored on your needs.

Differently from a group course, where the programme and the pace follow a standard plan, one-to-one online Italian lessons allow you to focus on the aspects of the language and on the topics that are most important to you. As an expat, this can mean focusing the programme on your professional needs, like Italian for Lawyers, Doctors, Economists, etc.

Also, you will be able to choose your own schedule, seamlessly adapting the course to your daily routine. Lessons will be booked through our interactive calendar for a comfortable and quick scheduling process.

Don’t forget to request a free trial lesson to get a taste of our methods!

👉 Individual lessons


All our students get access to our full collection of online Italian quizzes, allowing you to have fun and practice Italian between your lessons. 

The exercises are divided by level and type (communication or grammar) and topic, meaning you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want to focus on.

👉 Online Italian quizzes


Italmente was founded in Milan by a team of passionate experts in language education, tourism and software engineering: the perfect mix to create a virtual school where students could learn the Italian language and culture the most effective way while using a modern, innovative platform. 

We believe in the use of the communicative approach, which is the most advanced and recognized method of teaching languages. By closely following the guidelines outlined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you will learn Italian by communicating and practicing real-life situations, without focusing too much on grammar and without using translations. Your lessons will be fun and effective, and you will start speaking sooner than you think!

All our teachers are Italian, and they all have an academic specialization in Teaching of Italian as a Foreign Language. This is very important, since too often anyone who is a native speaker becomes a teacher of their own mother tongue, however knowing a language does not equal being able to teach it: we strongly believe that teachers, like any other professionals, should possess the necessary qualifications. 

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