We are a group of international real estate wealth advisors who specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Sicily.

Fulvio Lo Piccolo, the team leader, is an architect and real estate investor who has extensive experience in the Sicilian real estate markets. His vast knowledge of Italian architecture and building codes makes him the best expert adviser when it comes to purchasing a property in Italy. 

Pat Rizzo is a teacher specializing in English and as a Sicilian native, she has an intimate and sharp knowledge of the local area and the community. Passionate about making Italy home for everyone, Pat has continued to leverage her know-how and experience to exceed our client’s expectations.

Serena LoPiccolo-Smith, our international Realtor partner, is a Real Estate broker with Keller Williams Realty and a real estate wealth adviser. A former pediatric oncologist from Sicily, she now lives in Massachusetts, US, and brings her expertise in providing exceptional customer care to her clients. With her vast network of local and worldwide connections, she has built her reputation for her intelligent negotiations, uncompromising integrity, and marketing strategies. 

Serena LoPiccolo-Smith , Pat Rizzo and Fulvio Lo Piccolo

We specialize in representing English-speaking buyers and guiding them through the entire process of buying a property, both residential or commercial, in Italy from identifying the right property, preparing an offer, and ensuring proper due diligence. We help them go through and understand all documentation provided by the seller and estimate the costs required for a renovation or full remodel if needed. If additional diligence or a wider scope project is called for, we will introduce surveyors (“geometra”), architects, engineers, or other trusted local contractors for consultation. Buying real estate in Italy is a complicated process, involving many local professionals (notaries, bankers, contractors, accountants,
attorneys, and others), and multiple layers of legal and regulatory requirements. At Inspire Italy, we are here to help our clients navigate this process for them every step of the way.


Generally speaking, according to the Italian Highway Code a person who does not reside in Italy or
one of the European Union countries cannot purchase or own a car in Italy.

In addition to that, Art. 132 of the Salvini Decree, states that “the vehicle registered abroad can circulate in Italy for a maximum of one year. Once this deadline has expired, if the vehicle is not registered in Italy, the holder can ask the competent motoring office for a warrant to leave the national territory. If the vehicle circulates beyond the foreseen year, the pecuniary sanction is increased, the vehicle is seized and, unless nationalization or export is provided, it is confiscated within 180 days.

Yes, but before doing anything else, you must obtain a “Codice Fiscale,” which is your unique code
provided by the Italian Tax Office. It is a requirement for any kind of transaction, agreement, or legal
action in the country. You can also obtain your code at a consulate or embassy of Italy.

When it comes to daily expenses, Sicily is a cheap place to live. Always go where the locals go
shopping and eat, and the pricing won’t let you down.

A research was conducted by ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) among the twelve big cities in Italy and Palermo ranked with the lowest overall crime rate making it a highly safe area to live. The cost of living is low, and if you don’t have far to go and enjoy walking, much of Palermo is easily accessible on foot. At almost any hour of the day, there is somewhere to go and be seen for fun such as diners and café-style eateries coffee shops, wine bars, more formal dining establishments, and nightclubs.

Sicily is the biggest Italian Island, and it has a vast of amazing locations but here are some of the top best places to visit:

  • Palermo and Mondello – Palermo is Sicily’s capital, and it has a beautiful seafront and Mondello
    is Palermo’s city beach; its sand is soft and pale-colored, and the water is crystal clear.
  • Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples – The best-preserved Greek temples may be seen in
    Agrigento. The Valley of the Temples, which has seven temples from the sixth and fifth century
    BC, is one of them. Agrigento is home to intriguing historical ruins, Baroque architecture,
    gorgeous beaches, wonderful islands, and waterways that are clear.
  • Cefalù – It is in the province of Palermo, located in the northern part of Sicily. It is an ideal location
    for your beach holiday especially if you enjoy going to golden-colored beaches like this one.
  • Mount Etna – It is Sicily’s greatest natural attraction and also its highest mountain and one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and Europe. Mt. Etna offers a skiing holiday in the winter
    months and breathtaking hikes in the woods during summer.

International investors have long found the Italian real estate market appealing. Foreign visitors to Italy have a wide range of investment opportunities in both the commercial and residential real estate industries. The government has also made available programs for high-net-worth individuals who wish to acquire Italian residency by investing in real estate in the nation

Many Americans choose Italy as their retirement destination, and the country just unveiled a new tax incentive that could help draw even more foreign retirees. Some people may have a fantasy of moving to Italy, and a newly enacted flat tax of 7 percent could make this goal more realistic. An individual must be a non-resident of Italy (regardless of nationality), receive a non-Italian pension (public or private sector), and meet the following requirements to be eligible for the tax incentive:

  • For the last 5 years, he has not been a tax resident of Italy
  • Transfer their tax residence to the South of Italy in a qualifying municipality with a population of 20,000 or fewer residents. The qualifying regions are Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, Campania,
    Basilicata, Abruzzo, Molise, and Puglia. To qualify as a tax resident you must spend at least 183 days within the county
  • Had resided in a nation with which Italy has a tax treaty in force

By qualifying with the above criteria, they can be eligible for the special Italian flat tax of 7%. Keep in mind that only the regions stated above are covered by this unique tax provision, not all of Italy. More complex tax planning will be necessary if you relocate to another region of Italy.

It is the visa you need to have if you plan to stay in Italy for more than 90 days. It is also called “D-Visa” or “National Visa”

You need a professional who can expedite and simplify the process of selling, buying, or investing in real estate because it can be overwhelming. With the team’s vast expertise in the extremely local real estate market, Inspire Italy will assist you along your entire journey

Real estate agents have a thorough understanding of the market because they have experience in both the purchasing and selling of property. They can steer you in the right way with their insights and counsel. Additionally, they have the power to bargain for and complete the sale of real estate on your behalf. They can quickly identify any issues and address them, which can help you save money. Last but not least, they know about everyone engaged in the process and have access to a wide range of professional networks you may need, including mortgage consultants, contractors, home inspectors, solicitors, etc. So you can just use your agent’s network instead of looking for them one by one. In conclusion, real estate experts can assist you throughout the entire process and make sure that you acquire the property you want.


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