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A little bit of general information about us (you can read it on our website but it’s more personal to do it here :))

We are international IT company, and we have made the first video interview service in Russia which makes us feel really proud of our product and its success. We have developed a technology that helps the businesses to hire faster and easier.

We have offices in Moscow, San Francisco and Tokyo, and among our clients are big companies and corporations. We have thousands of video interviews recorded every day with Russian and foreign candidates, and that’s amazing!

Now we are looking for the best intern ever for our Global Growth division.

It’s a temporary position for 3 months (with employment offer after). We are ready to help, mentor and be an example for you! 🙂 The position is really cool as here you have a lot of opportunities, freedom and space for implementing your own solutions.

The most important thing is that we should move with the same pace (it’s really high) and be on the same page (because usually “no time to explain everything”). And if everything will be okay, the temporary position will turn into a permanent workplace!

The most important:
– bright mind with bunch of ideas (and enthusiasm towards the millions of ideas generated by our team and being ready to realize and implement it)
– literally working in a fast-paced environment. Otherwise it’s going to really slow process and as a result nothing is going to be done by the end of the day. It’s actually a really important thing as if you’re not with us on time, we cannot wait for you and usually start doing the tasks on our own but then it doesn’t make any sense
– responsibility. If you’re not sure that you’re going to finish something on time (and that’s totally fine) – just don’t promise anything. If you promised – you know what to do
– Being ready to implement the same idea with different approaches. Drafts. There will be a lot of drafts but this leads to a better result which is good.

Let’s see the tasks:
– generally it’s supporting the global products – everything related to the product design
– adhere to VCV product development design guidelines
– collaborate with Product Design team to execute artwork and prioritize projects to coincide with – the product release deadlines
– partially responsible for product development from concept through production
– reporting and analytics

Sounds challenging? Yes. But here are a lot of advantages:
– freedom and creativity
– fully remote work with flexible schedule (but not less that 6 hours)
– we’re going to do a lot of interesting projects in the international direction which would be hardly trusted you in other companies (we know what we’re talking about :))
– we are really going to move with a fast pace so it’s a good challenge for you
– this position is so flexible and cool that you can develop yourself not only in product design but try yourself in marketing, HR, project management, BizDev or sales
– it’s hard not to mention a great team lead 🙂

We wouldn’t be VCV if we didn’t ask you to record a video resume so you can see the product from inside and experience it yourself.

Please, follow the link:

Good Luck! Looking forward to receiving your video!

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    Fatima Dominguez


    I was born in the US. Both parents are from Mexico. I am bilingual and can speak read and write. I have so many beautiful places that so many people dont know about in Mexico

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