We are two friends and colleagues Valeria & Ilaria, we are on a mission: to spread Italian language and culture
Based on years of teaching foreign students in person and online, we have created a range of courses focusing on specific linguistic and cultural elements:
The courses are online but don’t forget that we also organize classes in person according to your needs and interests, imagine the joy of learning Italian whilst immersed in beautiful Tuscany!
We wait for you ONLINE and in PERSON
6 benefits of online learning with Easy Italian Online:



Individual course of Italian language and culture based on your needs and interests. Includes varied activities and modes of teaching, written, oral, and games that will stimulate naturally your learning abilities and maintain interest levels and ensure your progress.

In-Person Course

“Are you dying for Italy?” With us, you can start your learning online with one of our courses and then plan a holiday in Italy. Combining it with our in-person course meeting your teacher and learning whilst out and about in beautiful Tuscany!. We will show you all aspects of the real Italy; life and culture. When you finish your holiday, not only will your Italian language skills improve but you will have a better understanding of Italian life. What a great way to spend your holiday!

Italian Plus (Art, Cinema, Literature)

If for you Italian is not just a matter of grammar and you have a passion for art, literature or cinema, our cultural programmes will be perfect for you. Discover a new aspect of Italian culture through cinema, literature and art. The perfect courses for art or film buffs.

Italian For Business

Join our One-to-One Business Course to learn or enhance your Italian without leaving the comfort of your home or office. We will give you a skill set to support you in various job-related scenarios such as presentations, interviews, meetings, negotiations, and networking events.

CILS Preparation Course

Need practical guidelines to help you prepare for a CILS examination? Need online coaching to guide you through the exam’s tasks? 

Choose our online courses if you need a flexible and interactive training solution to succeed in your CILS upcoming exam. We will help you get ready with mock exams, analysis of the test as well as gain confidence in reading, writing, listening, grammar and conversation activities.


Learning with Easy Italian Online

We provide one-to-one lessons designed to cater to your personal or professional purposes. They are an effective way to learn and practice the language in real life scenarios.

Small group courses are available only for “Language Plus” option or if you want to learn Italian with friends or family members.

Thanks to our online programmes you will be able to communicate effectively in Italian and learn about Italian Culture with an interactive and flexible approach.

Last but not least, you will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills with your qualified native speaker teacher.

Thanks to our online courses you will:


Here you can quickly find the answers to the most common issues. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to send us a message using the form given on page.


You can visit the online courses page to discover all my training solutions. Once you have found the course you’re interested in, get in touch to check availability and book your course. For any further information or special request please feel free to contact me by using the given form
No. My courses are open to motivated and curious students of all levels (beginner to advanced) who are 18 years of age and older. Only for my Italian Plus Courses you need to have an intermediate knowledge of Italian.
Classes are flexible and may be scheduled all day long: from 7 am to 10 pm ( Italian timezone)
Yes, I’m an Italian native speaker with DITALS teaching certification. If you want to know more about me visit the page “Valeria”.
My courses are open to adults from 18 years old to mature learners.
No. All material is included in the course fee. I can recommend books or texts for a deeper insight.
Yes. Even if I mainly focus on One-to-One tuition, my Italian Plus courses are created for small groups (max 6 students). In addition, other small group solutions are available upon request (i.e. if you want to study Italian with friends or family members).
To attend my lessons you only need: a strong internet connection, an up-to-date browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer,a desktop or laptop computer,a Skype account (but we can also use Zoom or Meet),headphones (not mandatory).
This depends on whether your smartphone or tablet permits this, although It will be better using a laptop or desktop computer and using high quality internet connection and earphones.
No but it’s highly recommended. Thanks to headphones, you avoid external noises and loss of concentration as well as hear your teacher much better.
You can contact Us using the form given on the page.
When you have found the course you’re interested in, get in touch to check availability or book your course. Together with the information requested, you will receive the registration form with payment details (bank transfer). Payment must be received before your course/lesson begins. For any further information or special request please feel free to contact us using the form given on page.


Italian is my third foreign language, so I have lots of experience with language learning. Valeria is a great teacher. She is punctual, precise, and totally engaged with the process when we are working together on my Italian. I have studied with Valeria online and I have studied with her in person and she always brings tremendous energy to the table. I really like her and Ilaria’s idea of working with their clients online and then having their clients come to Italy for a guided Italian immersion experience. After working with Valeria all through COVID online, I took advantage of the Easy Italians In-Person Course last fall. I studied with Valeria several times a week during a two month-long stay in Lucca, Tuscany. We would meet in cafes to read and chat in Italian. Valeria also organized some day-long excursions by train to explore places like Pisa and Pietrasanta to see the sites and explore the museums. Valeria handled all of the arrangements. I was very pleased with my progress. Valeria makes language learning fun, and that’s the way it should be. For me, the journey of language learning is the goal. It’s what the whole experience of living in Italian is about. We should enjoy the journey, and Valeria and Ilaria are both wonderful guides and traveling companions.
Chris Harris
Had lessons with Valeria for 4 months and found her to be incredibly patient and also very helpful in providing me and my husband with a good background in italian. Valeria is lovely to work with, very friendly and relaxed and flexible in appointments. Would definitely recommend her if you are looking at online learning
Eleanor Stephens
I came across Ilaria by accident, so now I am writing this review, so you do not have to rely on pure luck I highly recommend Ilaria as an Italian teacher. I started as a total beginner, and within a few months, I made substantial progress in speaking, reading, and writing. The atmosphere during lessons is fantastic, and I love when I hear „Ciao Marcello, come stai,” even though our classes are on Mondays at 8:30 Grazie Mille!
Marcin Możejko

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