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Since 2009, I have been dedicated to the notarial profession, initially serving as a Mobile Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent. Over the years, I’ve evolved to add Remote Online Notary and Apostille services, facilitating document notarization worldwide. As long as you can successfully answer knowledge-based questions and possess a valid USA ID, including a passport, we can securely and efficiently complete the notarization process online.
Remote online notaries start at $30 for the first signature, per signer, and $15 per signer for each additional signature. I can  also facilitate Apostille services for use of your notarized document out of the country.
Reach out to me at 916-397-5997 or [email protected] to schedule your notary and visit for more information on remote online notarization services.


Yes! I am located in Alaska and I am authorized to Notarize anyone with a valid US ID anywhere in the world!

YES! This is required to be able to perform a proper Notary online. Preferably on a computer but it can be done on a tablet or smart phone.

Yes I require an appointment. I am very flexible. Call me at 916-397-5997 

Yes and no, you must each sign in seperately. If you want to appear and sign at the same time you will need two devices. If you want to sign one after the other then you may use the same device to login for each person separately. 

Yes! I will travel to any location on the Kenai Peninsula. Fees vary based on location. 

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