Hi! I’m Giulia, nice to meet you!

I think it’s quite polite to introduce myself in this first post, because I’m brand new on Anyexpat.com so this is just a quick introduction.

I am very happy to meet all of you.

I’m a tour guide based in Siena, Tuscany, a very nice place to live in…well, something more than nice: we are surrounded by art treasures, terrific landscapes, delicious food, and last but not least the weather is never aggressive: not too hot, not too cold, always a bit windy (pollution is basically level 0).

Quarantine mood&outfit…

I created a little video and I hope you’ll enjoy! And I can’t wait to receive your questions or requests, so…let’s keep in touch, my motto is #readytogo !!

6 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Giulia, nice to meet you!

  1. David Wagner
    August 22, 2020

    Nice to meet you Guilia! 

    • Giulia Raffaelli

      Nice to meet you too David! Are you writing from…Austria? How’s going the Covid situation there? Here’s a sort of second wave, but a lot more controlled, and, most of all, totally expected so, despite all kinds of polemics, schools will reopen and life will continue in this sort of strange but daily normality. Hope to see you soon in Siena and Tuscany!

  2. Emma Bernard
    August 14, 2020

    We’ll definitely contact you when we visit Italy soon! Nice to meet you, also. 

    • Giulia Raffaelli

      Hi Emma! Thanks a lot, it would be my pleasure!I think we all are in a very peculiar mood, between being annoyed and concerned. But I’m also sure the time we will be able to live as free as we are used to…It will be a loooot of fun! Desperately waiting for that moment, since then, #staysafe.

  3. Dimitra Nikolaou

    Hi Giulia, hoping to meet you soon. I hope I can visit Italy ASAP and be my guide. I’m a big fan of history, looking forward to learn from you.

    • Giulia Raffaelli

      Hi Dimitra, I’d be honoured to be your guide in Siena and Tuscany! And I really hope it will happen soon, because it just would mean that Covid-19 is totally under control and we can re-start enjoying our life in full safety. However, now in Italy the situation’s quite normal, in some days I think we can take off our masks in open spaces…let’s hope for the better!
      See you soon

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