Fluffy travels

January 14, 2021

Ciao a tutti! We congratulate you on all the past holidays and hope that this year will bring us all relief, light and warmth! Actually, we moved to Italy for warmth, and now we are pursuing it like real hunters. Our recent trip was to the south of Italy. The path ran through the Adriatic to Puglia, then to Catania, and finally to Sicily. And there, in the south, we caught our warmth and realized almost for sure that we want to live in Puglia. On the way back we went thorough Abruzzo, and then had to stop in Tuscany, and tomorrow we are going to head to Milan, then to Germany, Belgium and Great Britain. As a potential place of our future life, we also consider the Adriatic and the vicinity of Rome. Abruzzo, which used to be our favorite, has moved to the penultimate place. And the last one is Molise. In Abruzzo, in addition to mountains and gorges, you can find beautiful and cheap property, but the region turned out to be too cold and mountainous for us. We also will remember this trip by the fact that at last we were entrusted to transport the animals (we already said that we love animals very much). Our first animals were … canaries. Not ordinary, but special – fluffy canaries. Transporting birds is a much more responsible business than it might seem at first glance. On the one hand, birds do not experience psychological shock or stress like dogs or cats. On the other hand, when traveling long distances and when changing surroundings, they experience tremendous physical stress and therefore they are much more susceptible to various diseases, easily become infected and die “for the company”. They say that if one bird becomes ill, it is worth expecting that the rest of its neighbors will soon fail. Now the birds are in our home in Tuscany and arouse unhealthy interest in both of our dogs. Canaries are cheerful and energetic, and we can only hope that they will also heroically withstand the second part of the journey – tomorrow the canaries are going to their permanent home in Milan. We have to stop every couple of hours so they can eat. They eat only in the light and do not like to eat when shaken. We also need to observe a special light regime – when it’s time for the birds to sleep, the cage should be covered with a dense opaque cloth. Birds fall asleep quickly, and it is advisable not to disturb them during sleep. On a trip, they should be warm and comfortable – in general, they should try in every possible way to comply with their usual regime in order to avoid diseases. Obviously, both the sender and the recipient know about this, so we have to constantly send them short video evidences that the birds are all right. How do we understand these bird dads! When we have to leave dogs with someone, we then just torture these good people with constant questions about our pets and requests to send us a photo of confirmation that they are not depressed. But it seems to us that all these worries pay off in full – the birds bring with them so much light that, looking at them, you absolutely forget about all life’s troubles. And now we are already thinking about getting fluffy canaries for ourselves … We wish each of you a little bit of such joy in life – we all really miss it. We promise to keep you updated on our adventures. Our next raid – UK-Italy – is at the very end of January. Write if someone has extra canaries that you urgently want to share with someone. We will help you transport them! Always your Don John Deliveries.

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