AnyExpat Group Rules


Hey i’m kenny this group’s admin welcome to the group i hope you find it useful if you do please invite a few friends or share the group directly join our other groups too… full group rules are available in the tab about you are encouraged to have a read through but here is a quick overview no advertising no one joined this group to see random adverts we do have partner companies on These have been thoroughly vetted and highly rated and all speak fluent english we were encouraged to seek them out this is not a political group discussion arguments about foreign politics are not allowed. it is not a buy and sell group either do not promote your own social media pages. please contact us before you post not after we are open to collaborations Promoting other Facebook groups is not allowed as new posts or in replies now a big shout out to the moderators group moderators aim to intervene as little as possible and are the reason why this group runs smoothly consider thanking them anytime you like we never use post approval so you are not forced to wait to have your post go live and yes sometimes there is spam we remove it sometimes there is conflict we call it we are not perfect but we work hard when there is an issue please use the three dots on posts to report your Facebook group needs you or even better become a moderator now a quick note about events our events are free no albatross around your net membership no profiteering from members socializing now or everur Heading Text Here