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Contact: Giovanni Orlando
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Services can include

Here are list of services: Selection, liaison, correspondence with Italian notary Selection, liaison, correspondence with lawyer Selection, liaison, correspondence with Geometra Correspondence with Selling agent/buy agents; Referral to Buying Agent if applicable;

Mediation and communication where necessary between all above parties and in keeping with your required deadlines and bank timelines. Registration and admin with regard to utilities and other third-party providers, post-settlement and administration at local Comune; Coordinate removals when necessary; Coordinate immigration when necessary;

Coordinate property insurances; Application for Codice Fiscale; Coordinate translations and interpreters where needed; Attendance at all meetings and settlement where required ( Project management ongoing correspondence – typically 6 months Budget creation and maintenance for your purchase, considering all required purchase costs and their timing; Advice regarding mandatory annual local taxes (IMU) and calculations for 1st year;

Assistance opening local bank account; Foreign exchange advice and co-ordinating payments; Taxation considerations/liaise with foreign tax advisers where required.







Q. Can I buy a house from overseas using your services??

A. Yes you can, clients particularly those residing in the USA often request this.

Q2.  Can you speak both Italian and English?

A. Yes, English is my mother tongue but I have native level proficiency in Italian.

Q3.  Do you know how to contact a particular agent?

A. I am very well connected and can work with an existing agent (Should you have one) or a new Agent.


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