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Bella Italia Escorted Tours specialises in small (12 – 16 person) group tours. We provide hotel accommodations, ground transportation sightseeing and authentic Italian meals.






Q. What’s the best way to get Euros?

A. You can change money in Italy or in the airport in America before you leave . Bigger bills ($100 bill vs 5 $20 bills) will get a better exchange rate. You’ll usually get a better exchange rate when you buy things with your credit card (Visa AMEX or Master card). Your bank can also get Euros for you if you plan ahead – usually 1-2 weeks is plenty of time.


Q.  Will any of my electrical appliances work in Italy?

A.  ​The electric current in Italy is 50 Hz and 220 volts. Prongs are round and not flat. You will be required to purchase an adaptor if you want to be able to use your appliances. Adapters can be purchased online or at hardware/electrical stores. These days, most electronics and electric appliances support dual voltage (110v and 220v) but some still do not — also, some dual-voltage appliances have a switch that you must set before plugging them in so remember to check.  The supported voltages will usually be printed right on the device, if not, the manual will provide that information.  If you no longer have the manual, it can usually be found online with a quick Google search.

Q.  Will my cell phone work in Italy?

A. The major U.S. carriers have agreements with the cell carriers in Italy so, yes, your cell phone will work.  Just remember to call your provider before you leave and select one of their overseas calling/data plans because it will end up costing you a fortune if you go a-la-carte!


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