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At 7-week Italian (7WIT) you will find online Italian language programs designed with a great passion for Italian and with a unique teaching methodology, the 3D Method for a holistic learning experience.


Our online programs are a mix of on-demand self-paced lessons, live coaching elements and community learning.

Each course is 7 weeks long. Why 7 weeks?  We find it to be the perfect time frame for an Italian course. It is the time necessary for our brain to rewire and, applied to language learning, to transition to the next proficiency level.

We are passionate about Italian culture and believe that language is its most faithful mirror. You will find a wealth of culturally relevant content in our courses, together with functional vocabulary, contest-related exercises and useful linguistic survival techniques.

By actively taking part in our courses you will acquire efficient learning tools and set up the correct mindset for a result-oriented and rewarding learning process.

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What is unique about the method?

At 7-week Italian we have developed a unique methodology that allows our students to undergo a holistic learning experience.   We called it the 3D Method, because it is an all-encompassing methodology that involves the 3 dimensions of the learning process:  the language, the student, and the student’s environment.


Who are the courses for?

The courses are for you if you are passionate about Italian and the culture that has shaped the language. Our programs are especially suited for expats who moved or intend to move to Italy.


Do the lessons have a fixed schedule?

Each program starts at a set date and you go through the process with your group.

Each week a new module is released.

Our weekly modules are self-paced and you can go through the lessons at your convenience. The weekly life sessions are at a set day and hour. You can ask your questions even if you can not make it live and watch the recording.


Is there a community?

We believe that community is an important part of the language acquisition process.

When joining a program you become part of a community and can connect and interact with your peers. During the week numerous activities that take place in the group aimed at practicing the material of the weekly module.


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