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A mortgage broker in Italy, why you need one!

October 22, 2021

Buying property in Italy? Mortgage brokers can help with a wide range of issues and are motivated to help you achieve the outcome you are hoping for.

AnyExpat was set up to assist Expats and Future Expats in their relocation. If moving home is considered to be the most stressful life event you can experience then moving home as part of a relocation to another country to start your Expat life can be a huge strain. You are jumping through the usual hoops, whilst attempting to navigate, laws on schools, visa, healthcare and much more all in a 2nd language. AnyExpat can save you time, money, effort and most of all Stress by helping you find all the solutions you require in one place. We have verified English speaking partners who have been checked for service standards and are all independent of each other.

Our property site features brokers, many of whom are expats themselves, in addition if you browse the blog, you will find articles from various professionals on how to move to Italy and what questions to ask.


There are many considerations and as you might imagine just as with the move being successful in a mortgage application is less likely than if you were applying in your home country, but we can help you, simply fill in the form at the foot of page and we can get the ball rolling for you.

  1. Which Bank Should I approach?
  2. What options are there?
  3. Which option is best?
  4. Will I even be approved

There are many questions and being successful in securing the right mortgage is no easy task, happily we can help you via our brokerage partner who can quickly do the research required, offer guidance and ultimately help you secure funding, just fill in this form to get the ball rolling.

ANYEXPAT, was set up to save you TIME, MONEY, EFFORT and STRESS


Save time in your application process. A mortgage broker can consider your circumstances then scan the entire market offering you options that fit your requirements based on offers from institutions they expect you to achieve an approval from. There is little to be gained from applying, waiting and being rejected for mortgages that you realistically had no chance of every being approved for.


A mortgage brokers job is to take into account the most suitable fit for you and also to advise you on fee structures and costs, this will help you achieve the best value mortgage and can save you many thousands over the term of the agreement.


The mortgage application process can be a grind, without a broker you would be wanting to apply for many many mortgages to ensure approval at some point and also to hopefully be offered options. Our mortgage broker service will save you this trauma and allow you to quickly submit applications to the most suitable lenders with minimal effort, you may also find that the brokerage service can get you a preferential rate as brokers get enhanced terms based on the quantity of business they introduce.


AnyExpat offers indpendent Real Estate Brokers and Property Lawyers also, this is important as you are dealing with companies that you know speak English (They all do) and who are indpendent of each other (You do not want all your service providers have attended High School together they should be looking out for you, not for each other.

Property searching services, Notaries, Property Lawyers, Real Estate brokers and Mortgage Brokerage, we can help you and efficiently allow you to scan all opportunities saving you TIME, MONEY, EFFORT and STRESS.


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